22 July 2010

Welcome to the World's Worst Emissions Trading Scheme

So what is the World's Worst Emissions Trading Scheme?

Thats easy! It is the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.

I have set this blog up to show that the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme is the World's Worst ETS.

It is so badly designed that is not a sensible and effective policy to avoid dangerous changes to the world's climate system caused by fossil-fueled global warming. It will not help reduce the growth of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as measured at Baring Head near Wellington.

Where am I coming from? I agree with James Hansen that;
  • global warming is real,
  • it is caused by human actions, principally emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,
  • it is underestimated by the IPCC,
  • that the so-called acceptable limits for global warming, an average increase in global temperature of two degrees, and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations of of 450 parts per million are too high,
  • and that a sensible atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is 350 part per million.

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