03 October 2011

Nick smith denies polluter subsidies Hot air certified emissions reduction units under review

On Scoop the Greens MP Kennedy Graham takes Nick Smith to task for denying that the NZ ETS provides large subsidies to NZ's industrial emitters of GHGs. Graham points out the irony given Smith and Trade Minister Groser have promoted a multi-lateral climate change group called Friends of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform

Kennedy Graham questions Smith

Other news.

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Review 2011 recommended that 'Ick Smith and the Ministry for the Environment should look at the 'integrity' of some certified emission reduction units allowed in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.

MfE are now consulting on this issue and it is called Consultation on Proposed Regulations Restricting the Use of HFC-23 and N2O CERs in the NZ ETS

I will download, read and have some thoughts on this.

This seems to just reflect what the CDM Board is doing

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