10 November 2011

Temperature time series BEST and GISS

The Berkeley Earth Science Temperature (BEST) project has made quite a splash. There is a good summary in Skeptical Science. See also Mother Jones and The Economist.

I have made my own charts of the Berkeley Earth Science Temperature data using R.
I downloaded the data as a two-column text file from the Wood for Trees website.
Here is a chart of the BEST global land monthly temperature anomalies from 1800 to 2010. What is plotted for each month is the difference from the January 1950 to December 1979 mean. Clicking on each chart will open a 650 by 550 pixel png image in a new window.

BEST average global land temperatures

Okay, but what is the trend in the data. Maybe I should add a moving average trend line.
BEST average global land temperatures with trend

Then I would like to compare the BEST data with the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA GISS) data.

NASA GISS average global land temperatures

BEST vs GISS smoothed

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