14 January 2013

New Zealand and Kyoto Protocol The break-up

I have made up a meme using a meme generator.

It's about break-up of New Zealand and the Kyoto Protocol.

They were a nice couple. They met back in the mid 1990s at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. They set an example for the rest of the world.

But..after five years, New Zealand broke up with Kyoto Protocol. Kyoto says New Zealand wouldn't give a second commitment...even though they set up an emissions trading scheme and a greenhouse gas emissions inventory together. New Zealand just didn't seem interested after the Durban Platform. Lately New Zealand is believed to be hanging around with Canada, the USA, and China

New Zealand just won't commit.

But we had an Emissions Trading Scheme together.

He's left me for China, India and the USA.

He's been so difficult since the Durban Platform.

I only asked him to reduce his net and gross emissions.

I only asked him to stop fiddling with his forest sinks.

The collection is called the Kyoto New Zealand break-up. It's been so much fun!

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